“Changing old habits is simple but never easy, and living a healthy and active life is truly a gift”
– Dr. Catherine Drourr


Dr. Catherine Drourr and her team at Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter were the keys to finally unlocking the barriers that kept me from losing weight and moving forward to a healthier lifestyle. Their approach is purposeful and practical rather than judgmental, and treats weight loss as the culmination of a series of readily understood and achievable tasks, rather than as an issue of personality or character. Dr. Drourr forms a true partnership with her patient, in which each has a role to play, a level of awareness to reach, and a measure of accountability to assume. But what most instills confidence in her patients like me, and is also most motivating and inspiring about taking this journey under her guidance and direction is the belief and knowledge that Dr.Drourr’s greatest satisfaction is in helping her patients reach goals that are not merely quantifiable in numbers, but in a new and better approach to one’s well-being, and that she is as fully and completely invested in achieving and maintaining the good health of her patients as they are.

-L. Schwartz


The team at Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter gave me the structure and support I needed to lose over 80 pounds in 9 months. There was no miracle; I simply did my best to follow their program, and the results followed. I am now at a healthy weight and I have a much better understanding of diet and exercise.




Paula has lost over 20 pounds in just 7 months and has reached a healthier body mass index! We are so proud of your accomplishments with Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter!

Paula Zalucki before and after


We are SO very excited to welcome Steve to our weight loss success stories!!! Steve has lost over 70 pounds in 7 months, and has decreased his body mass index by 10 points! We are so happy to be part of your incredible journey! Congratulations Steve!!!!

Steve Strang Wolf after 4



Steve started our program and in 5 months has lost over 35 pounds and is at a healthier body mass index. Congratulations Steve on your weight loss accomplishment!

S Mann before and after


Dr. Rosenberg recommended Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter to me for their physician supervised program. I have now lost 24 pounds and feel great! The protein shakes and weekly visits with Anne Marie have helped keep the weight off!


My cardiologist recommened I try Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter for their weight loss program. Their professional staff, personal one on one visits and the protein shakes have made my 70 pound weight loss a success!


I was referred to Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter by my primary care physician 4 months ago, and so far I have lost a total of 29 pounds and still losing! I have tried other weight loss programs in the past but really enjoy the personal one-on-one visits with Anne Marie, PA-C., and the ease of their program.

Carol B

Since starting Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter, I have lost 40 pounds in the first 4 months! I have tried several other weight loss programs in the past but I need the support that Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter offers to keep the weight off. The weekly counseling gives loads of support and input, maintaining a food diary keeps you aware of your intake and the protein supplements are excellent and very helpful.

                          Richard Goldenberg before and after



I began coming to Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter a little over 2 months ago and I have already lost over 30 pounds! I don’t get hungry, I feel much better overall, and I have been able to significantly lower my blood pressure and diabetic medications.  Plus, the food is healthy and the diet is not boring!


I have lost 35 pounds since beginning the program at Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter.  They offer realistic diets and expectations and a one on one relationship that I have not found with other diets or weight loss programs. Without the positive reinforcement and the help specific to my needs I would not have been this successful!


I have tried multiple weight loss programs in the past and Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter has been a life changer. I have met my weight loss goal of 20 pounds and have successfully kept the weight off. The guidance of their amazing supportive staff and the structure of the maintanance program have made it easy to continue a healthier lifestyle.


In January 2011, William was weighing 280 pounds. In May 2011, William joined Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter to begin a healthier lifestyle. On April 3rd 2013, William weighed 191 pounds for a total weight loss of 89 pounds! William has been on our maintenance program since November 2011 and is maintaining his goal weight.  Congratulations William on your amazing weight loss accomplishment!                                  

Wm Murray before and after


Over the years I had wanted to lose weight in a way that wasn’t a fad diet and didn’t involve complicated formulas, prepackaged foods or group meetings. One day I saw a friend I had not seen in 6 months and couldn’t believe my eyes! He told me about his weight loss success with Dr. Catherine Drourr and I called to make an appointment the next day.

What worked for me was the straight forward and candid assessment  I had with Dr. Drourr of what I needed to accomplishment and why as well as a clear understanding that if I was going to be successful it needed to be a commitment to a Lifestyle Change!! We established a reasonable timetable in which to reach my goal and took a flexible approach that worked best for me. As a result, I lost 40 pounds in about 4 months and I never really felt I was depriving myself in the process.

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are all back to normal. In addition, I have less pain and more flexibility in my knees and back. All in all I would highly recommend Dr. Catherine Drourr and her friendly and professional staff, if you are serious about a permanent weight loss in your future!!